Respect for Design - with Scott Zimmer - Part 2

Respect for Design - with Scott Zimmer - Part 2

On building respect for designers in an organization, with our guest Scott Zimmer.

In part 2 of this guest episode, Juli and Scott continued their hike on the Buda Hills, discussing hiring designers, giving them a seat at the table, and building a culture that respects design.

The path we took:
  • Treating designers as a partner, not a resource;
  • The risks of hiring external design help;
  • Explaining and selling the idea of iteration;
  • Why the first impression is important, and how a bad experience with a designer can feed bad stereotypes;
  • The dangers of the agency model, and a better alternative for dedicated persistent internal design teams;
  • Pleasing versus challenging the client;
  • Hiring for aptitude and interest, and filling the rest with mentorship;
  • And finding upsides for AI, supercharging human connections.
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Grab your headphones, and come walk with us!

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Creators and Guests

Juli Mata
Juli Mata
I work in product, and I come from (product-service-system) design. I focus on help linking product to business strategy these days.
Scott Zimmer
Scott Zimmer
A Disney-bred creative and seasoned business leader, Scott has spent his career as an intrapreneur, establishing and growing businesses inside some of America’s most well-known companies.