Designer of Interventions - with Morten Bune Pedersen

Designer of Interventions - with Morten Bune Pedersen

On Service design as mediation, on the borders of organizational development, with guest Morten Pedersten.

In this guest episode, Juli, Morten, and guest dog Max hiked around the Hålandsvatnet lake near Stavanger and talked about Scandinavian design and business culture.

The path we took:
  • A brief intro to Morten, and the step to leave a management role to build something new;
  • How a background in psychology and organizational development can merge with service design;
  • A dream Scandinavian company: transparency, open salaries, sharing burdens and ownership at Canoe;
  • The Scandinavian design world, with a history of collaboration, flat hierarchies, and government support for design;
  • Designers who help and serve vs designers who want to impress;
  • Changing definitions and expectations around design work;
  • And a brief glimpse into AI, as a mediator between people, not a shortcut to cheaper work.
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Grab your headphones, and head to the nearest lake to walk with us!
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Creators and Guests

Juli Mata
Juli Mata
I work in product, and I come from (product-service-system) design. I focus on help linking product to business strategy these days.
Morten Pedersten
Morten Pedersten
As an organisational designer, I'm a researcher, facilitator and doer. Working with how we organise ourselves and how we learn and develop.